Jonathan Hargreaves

Software Developer.

Studying Computer Science & Mathematics at the University of Exeter.

The Useful Web

A full stack website for sharing the most useful places on the web.


A trading service for Exeter University students to trade their old clothes and outfits.

C Project

Card games & word puzzles all in ANSI C.

AI Maze Solver

Solve this maze, as fast as possible.

Restaurant Shift Calendar

A Rust based web scraper & calendar manager.

Rewriting Multithreaded Cards in Rust

The multithreaded card game, re-written in Rust.

Haskell & Prolog Puzzles

Sudoku solver and more.

Java Multithreaded Card Game

A multithreaded card game, written in Java.

Cycling Race Manager

Object oriented cycling race manager in Java.

COVID Dashboard

Flask & Python based web dashboard.

Probability of Winning a Chess Game

A mathematical research paper into the probability of winning a chess game.

Mathematical Paper on Quaternions

An extended essay on Quaternions use for 3D rotations.